Even in defeat, the San Antonio Spurs show ‘Class’.


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In the game of life we win some and we lose some. This time the Miami Heat won some and the San Antonio Spurs lost some. But in the roller coaster events of the NBA Finals one thing every one can agree with is that the Spurs showed ‘Class’. They have always been a team that has known to win professionally but maybe even more importantly, lose professionally.

After the loss, Greg Popovich seeks out Lebron James and Dwayne Wade to congratulate them as the fans are screaming; confetti is falling, signifying the end of the season and the repeat of the Miami Heat as NBA Champions. It is a shame to see such a classy team get closer and closer towards the end of their dynasty. This is exactly what sports is missing, worldwide. Sometimes we forget that as children we laughed while playing this sport, taking a break for lunch, and pretending to put ourselves on the biggest stage. In result of forgetting…. players, coaches, and organizations get sucked into the business factor of sports and they play and observe for the wrong reasons.

However, the Spurs have been getting ‘old’ and the media is grilling them about the future, their performance, and the possibility of retirement. For once can we take a step back and see how beautiful the San Antonio Spurs make the sport of basketball seem like a game again? You can never be too ‘old’ to show some ‘class’ and play the ‘game’ you’ve loved for your whole life. Not winning a championship isn’t failure. Failure is keeping your head down, storming off the court, and pouting. The Spurs kept their heads high, shoot hands, congratulated, gave hugs, and performed optimistic interviews about how they made it so far and how the Heat were the better team in Game 7.

NBA Finals (Game 6)

Watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs was quite the show. The outcome was Miami 103, Spurs 100.  A spectacular display of why people love sports. So much was revealed with the ups and downs, what a wild performance!

But, What I loved most about the game was the community that watched it. A perfect example of sibling rivalries, a battle of friends via text messaging and Facebook, phone calls talking about the latest circus shot or dunk.  Personally I was shaking, sweating, bent over. hands on knees tense as every shot went up. I found myself rooting for both teams and just love the fact that the Finals gets to continue in a sudden death fashion. Having it end on a blowout, no contest would have been a shame in my eyes no matter what team won. Here’s to hoping for another wild finish in Game 7. Maybe it might be another nail-biter. Fingers crossed.

Dreading The Sunrise (Poetry For The Homeless)

I awake in the morning scared of what the day might bring,

I abandon post under the bridge, with my daughter crying,

Her feet often hurt because she has no shoes,

But her pace is remarkable for a girl who is only two,

Her tummy is aching and I swear I can do better,

Just six more hours of standing in this cold weather,

We do what we can and watch each moment pass,

You see us standing there and label us as just trash,

But I do not care about the labels and name calling,

I just want to help keep my daughters heart going,

I cannot keep a job because of the skills that are required,

But I will never give up because she keeps me inspired,

They say it’s my fault, this situation I’m in,

But through my experiences I am surprised that I have lived,

They say there is hope, if not now, then when,

Dreading the sunrise, I fall asleep with tears once again

I am a boy in the streets, just eight years old,

I can meet new friends and learn things at school, so I am told,

I do not attend, but often dream of myself there,

But in reality, I can’t read, spell, or manage self care,

I struggle daily to gather loose change,

I hope for my father to stop playing those games,

The games at night with the needles and bottles,

I sleep in my spaceship, and hit full throttle,

To fly away from this place and just feel at peace,

But the worst is when I wake up and realize my ship starts to leak,

The cardboard box rarely holds up this time of year,

Cold with no one to hold because my dad disappeared,

They say it’s my fault, this situation I’m in,

But through my experiences I am surprised that even I have lived,

They say there is hope, if not now, then when,

Dreading the sunrise, I fall asleep with tears once again

Burning in the heat with no place to go,

My skin beat red, as it blisters and glows,

I walk to my corner with only jeans and a belt,

A sign in my hand that reads, anything will help,

I see people smiling as their cars drive by,

With each car that passes a tear in my eye,

I cannot recall the last time I laughed,

With each vivid memory, pain reeks my past,

I wait patiently from dusk until dawn,

I know my day is done, when I release my first yawn,

So back I go without anything gained,

To lay my wounds on the pavement, my heart in sheer pain,

They say it’s my fault, this situation I’m in,

But through my experiences I am surprised I have lived,

They say there is hope, if not now, then when,

Dreading the sunrise, I fall asleep with tears once again

I stand by my window, a digital camera in hand,

I stare at that box, my kids playing in the sand,

We gather in the car, on our way to a nice dinner,

I pick up the littlest from practice; she is such a good swimmer,

I am blessed for the opportunities my family has received,

For my wife and I have come a long way to achieve,

With hugs, kisses, and laughter, my life is so clear,

But I dream of this every night, it’s my worst nightmare,

To see what can never exist often hurts my head,

To know that I am not far away from being considered dead,

I lay awake at night without the ability to speak,

Knowing that with each and every day I grow even more weak,

They say it’s my fault, this situation I’m in,

But through my experiences I am surprised that I have lived,

They say there is hope, if not now, then when,

Dreading the sunrise, I fall asleep with tears once again

Filling The Void

As citizens and residents of the beautiful United States we are subject to ‘freedom’. But, freedom of speech has blurred lines, our politics are more messy than the public eye can see, rates of violence are soaring, and the income gap between the rich, middle class, and poor is widening every year. One of the most alarming things that keeps coming up is divorce rate. The divorce rate in the United States is floating around an astonishing 50% which results in a higher rate of single-family homes run by a mother as opposed to single-family homes run by a father.

More and more I am hearing that the result of a child not growing up knowing, being with, or connecting with their father can be detrimental to their development and the way that particular child looks at the world. This is true and I can respect the research done on this topic, but I believe this can put a lot of stress on the mother, but in my opinion, there is a choice. The choice is whether or not your parenting style, from your child’s youth is independently strong. I am clearly not a mother and I do not have children so this is strictly opinion but I believe a home without a father can be okay. This is a perfect opportunity to get your child involved socially with the community, their teachers, sports, and other activities that aren’t necessarily ‘father figure’ activities, but doing activities with ‘influential people’.

Excuses. Sometimes I feel some behavior that is blamed on an absent parent is an excuse. Excuses are ‘safety nets’. By slipping and falling off the high-wire of life you are being saved over and over again. This goes for both single-mothers and single-fathers, as does everything else stated prior. For some reason we look at divorce or separation as a bad thing in our community, not that it is necessarily a good thing, but we tend to think, ‘ah, poor child.’ We should be sensitive to the fact that children who are coming from single-family homes, especially big ones, need more attention and love. A lot of the time they do not know how to reach out for attention, how to be loved or love someone else, and that alone can be a problem, but that can be a problem for everyone.

Maybe the overall solution to this may be more widespread support groups for these youth, education or classes for everyone (not just children without both parents) that teach independent living, leadership, and human services, that boost self-esteem and challenge them going onward in a positive and better light.

JtotheReal (Music)

JtotheReal (Music)

I am proud to announce that I will be blogging music and posts from “J to the Real” aka Julio Antonio Perez who is a Rapper from the Seattle area. From the words of JtotheReal, he raps about “Real shit. Anything that has happened in my life, anything that is happening in my life, and everything that will happen in my life.” I hope you enjoy it, share it, and follow it.



Poetry by C-Hilly

Poetry by C-Hilly

I am proud to announce that I will be blogging posts from Poetry by C-Hilly. This is my personal poetry page on facebook. Most of the poetry is creative and written at random, but some of it is written from life experiences. I hope you enjoy it, share it, and follow it.



For the first time in a long time I sat down and watched golf. Justin Rose won the U.S. Open. To be honest I was pulling for Mickelson but I think that was more just because of his name. I am realizing that golf takes more than just a good tee shot onto the fairway. It takes a whole lot of patience. Patience I have and lots of it, but those frustrating putts and the intense quiet on the course might drive me to be to competitive. I might have to pick up a hobby of playing Putt-Putt and go from there.

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A Change of Face.

It’s funny how loving something so much can change your perspective on the way you want to live life. For example my fiance, Kelsey, means the world to me and that will never change. But looking back several years ago before I even set eyes on her it might have been a little easier to say that I wouldn’t mind being a risk-taker and putting myself in harms way. But now things have changed. I have always been a pretty safe individual but now I find myself double checking everything. Are the doors locked, are her car tires okay, is the stove off, is she feeling okay? These are just a few random things that come to mind but the point is looking at the transition from I’ll be okay as long as I hold my own (survival of the fittest) to, I will do anything I can to protect the ones I love. Funny how things change, I am sure this will amplify once kids come into the question…


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